Baobab Training Centre

Baobab is a group of bible training centres. The brand has been designed to communicate the life that is drawn from the bible, it's author and the community of bible believing disciples who gather around it.

Lucid Point Communication

Thulani Nxasana asked me to create a brand she could use to market herself. She is a highly qualified consultant/editor and teaches English and Xhosa.

Christian Book Sellers

CBS is a local book store that sells Christian books. This logo was developed to give the store a fresher feel, as they've been around for many years.

Indawo Yethemba

Indawo Yethemba is a community development program and school just outside King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape. Their branding needed to be African to reflect the community they are working with and corporate to connect them to people with resources and skills.

White Friday Films

Steve Freitag is a highly skilled film maker and wanted his logo to incorporate the letters WFF. He also needed a website that could showcase some of his work. You can checkout his website by clicking the tile.

Zeppelin Construction

Zeppelin was commissioned simply as a logo and stationery. Specifically, a member of the clients family was a key player in the build and design of Zeppelins in Germany.

Young & Married

A logo designed for a focus group of young married ladies.

Won Adventure

Designed for Bruce Viaene, Won Adventure provides "unique, quality adventure sport to the East London community.

Girlz Turf

Khanyisa wants to empower young African women and asked for a logo showing a young African girl that could be used as a logo on blazers and stationery.

Everyday People

EP is a local church who are endeavoring to reach out to others. They wanted a logo that would communicate love for their city. They also required a website that would operate mainly as on information hub for members, but also to introduce visitors to their local church. Click on the tile to view their site.


Centane is a village in the transkei area. This logo was commissioned as a clothing brand for young people with the idea of putting Centane on the map. The idea is that the local young people would feel proud of where they're from. The place marker is a subtle "C" with the brand name running through.

Heartbeat Training Centre

HTC is a bible training centre that serves the Christian Centre family of churches in East London.

Chit Chat Bakery

Claire Marshall bakes amazingly creative cakes, cup cakes, pies, etc. She needed an identity for her business.

Media LED

Media LED is a large scale A/V Equipment hire company. This logo was designed to put on their website. Notice the led light in the logo. They also needed a website, which you can view by clicking this tile.

New Hope Community Development & Training

New Hope Fellowship is a local church situated in Southernwood, East London. In addition to their churches logo they needed a logo incorporating the churches ID for, as the name indicates, their community development program.

Bruce Viaene Photography

This is the first logo Bruce had designed. His name being the brand, a camera design element was created with a crisp font to finish it off.

A.R. Productions

Reena Chana is an entrepreneur who needed a logo. The brief was simple, she needed the letters "AR" incorporated in the design.

Bruce Viaene Photography

This is a modification of BVPs original logo incorporating Bruce's signature.

Out Of Office

Out of Office are two ladies offering admin services to small businesses. They had no idea what they wanted, so I suggested we use the letters from their name to create a logo.


Clinton Zitha is a highly skilled consultant/technician working in the beverage industry. Liquid is his business that offers consulting and setup for companies who mass produce bottled water and soft drinks.

Lamila Group

Lamila Group needed a slight modification to an idea they already had for a logo... they also needed a website.

Leverage Business Coaching

Steve Reid is a qualified business coach. He came to me with an idea that he had heard, "... with a long enough lever, a person could move the globe!" With the idea of redirecting people through coaching he wanted this in his logo.

City Recycles

This logo was created to communicate as well as identify. The idea is, "we can clean our city and improve our environment, through recycling!"

Learning for Legacy

Mlamli Kentane (Learning for Legacy) offers training in the corporate environment. He has an ambition to pass on skills so that multiple generations are impacted.

Change Agents

Logo designed for NPO in East London.

Farm Fun Adventures

A logo designed for a youth development program that focuses on the whole person (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional). The four quarters in the circle depict these values with the child jumping speaking of being empowered.

New Life Academy

A youth mentorship program that uses sport as a tool. This logo is the emblem for their soccer team.


Hardware & Software Business Solutions is a local business that offers products and services in the pc and technology industry. The logo is their name and a picture of a USB flash drive... :)

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